City of Long Beach Senior Centers

Did you know that the City of Long Beach sponsors six senior centers?  Each senior center has its own calendar with a wide range of monthly activities.  Activities and programs range from arts and cultural experiences, dance, fitness, life-long learning opportunities, enrichment, health and social services, nutrition, excursions, drop-in and special events, volunteerism and special interest groups.

Here are the names and addresses of each of the six senior centers in Long Beach, along with the links to each of their, respective calendars:

Houghton Park
Community Center
6301 Myrtle Ave.,
(562) 570-1640

Link to calendar of events:

El Dorado Park West
Community Center
2800 Studebaker Rd.,
(562) 570-3227

Link to calendar of events:

Recreation Center
(at McBride Park)
1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.,
(562) 570-1605

Link to calendar of events:

Cesar E. Chavez Park
Community Center
401 Golden Ave.,
(562) 570-8890

Link to calendar of events:

Long Beach
Senior Center
1150 E. 4th Street,
(562) 570-3500

Link to calendar of events:

Silverado Park
Community Center
1545 W. 31st Street
(562) 570-1675

Link to calendar of events:

You can also go on the City of Long Beach’s web site to see additional information regarding other services that are available to seniors.  Go to the menu items at the top of the page (dashboard) and open the “City Services” menu and scroll down to “Senior Services.”

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